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“We always build as though we were doing it for ourselves” – is how you could summarise the aspiration of the GERLACH Group in just one sentence.

Our experience in the public and social sector, in particular, means that we are familiar with the special demands made on the design, technical installations and construction of residential complexes and sacred buildings, for example. They have to be functional and economical and include a special technical infrastructure, while also taking account of the aspects of shaping, aesthetics and sustainability.

Since being founded (in 1997 as Gerlach Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH), GERLACH has positioned itself as a property developer and general planner and has acquired extensive know-how in all areas of the structural aspects. Our architects and engineers can guarantee a holistic approach to your project, incorporating design ideas, optimised space utilisation, needs analyses and cost budgets.

We also find suitable partners and operators and conduct the necessary bank negotiations. We are glad to carry out the valuation for you and drawn up the grant applications for complex construction projects. The continuous exchange of views and ideas needed for this with the relevant authorities is a part of the routine for the companies of the GERLACH Group.

With its companies, the GERLACH Group covers the entire value and development chain of the construction project, from the idea to planning and construction, as well as the management and maintenance of the property.

Other companies represented by the GERLACH Group have been established for this purpose over the years.

GERLACH Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH founded in 1997
GERLACH Energie founded in 2004
GERLACH Consult founded in 2009
GERLACH Hochbau founded 2011
GERLACH Facility Management founded in 2016