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Architecture and Engineering

Our architecture and engineering office will design and construct your building using the latest 3D technologies and with a blend of consultancy, planning and realisation:

  • We first conduct a basic evaluation for you and determine the performance requirements, guided at all times by your financial framework as the owner and client, and ensuring that your budget is used as efficiently as possible.

  • In the planning phase, we develop a 3D visualisation of your project – making use of the creative qualities of our architects and our engineers’ feel for functionality and statics. It is at this early stage that you benefit from our expertise in the area of energy management because such aspects form an integral part of this stage of the planning.

  • In parallel, we also conduct the negotiations with the authorities responsible for granting the relevant approvals. After being cleared by the client, the approval is then applied for.

  • Once planning permission has been issued, we prepare the detailed drawing with all the individual features needed for the construction of your project.

  • We then hand over smoothly to GERLACH Hochbau to manage your construction project safely and efficiently up to the handover of the keys.