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As architects and engineers, we have a special responsibility to handle natural resources in a wise and sustainable manner. This is why we attach great importance to the use of renewable energies with regard to electricity and heat. And to make this as easy as possible for you, of course. Gerlach Energie not only advises you on all matters relating to the energy concept for your building; it will also, if you wish, supply electricity and heat for all buildings constructed by the Gerlach Group. We use pellet heating or cogeneration systems in this regard which are designed precisely for your needs and are monitored by us online.

For this purpose, you enter into a contract with Gerlach Energie so as to place the energy management of your building in competent hands. We at Gerlach Energie take care of everything else: design and installation, service and maintenance, as well as prompt delivery of the required raw materials. And without any further cost for you, e.g. for repairs or modernisation measures. You pay only for what you actually consume. This, in turn, is kept as low as possible because our aim is to keep the energy efficiency of your building at the optimum level at all times.